Entrepreneur FAQs

What sectors do you invest in?

Healthcare Services, Healthcare Technology, Insurance/Managed Care, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Research Tools, and Consumer Health.

What rounds do you invest in?

We most often invest from Seed through Series B but are flexible investors and can participate as late as crossover financings.

How much do you typically invest?

Early-stage checks are up to $3,000,000, though with our limited partners, we have capacity to invest up to $30,000,000 in later stage rounds. 

Where do you invest?

Primarily the United States and Canada, but we are open to partnering with companies anywhere in the world.

Do you lead investments?

We are a flexible capital partner and can lead, co-lead, or participate as an active member of a syndicate.

How do you help your partner companies?

We work with hundreds of top clinicians, scientists, and healthcare/life sciences industry executives through our Venture Adviser program. Because of this network, we’re able to bring in domain experts that are highly specific to what you are building to support you through your journey. You can see some of individuals we collaborate with here.