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Frequently Asked Questions

What sectors do you invest in?

We're agnostic to sector as long as your company is addressing a clear public health problem. We've invested in healthcare services, health-tech, biopharma, medical devices, diagnostics, research tools, and consumer health companies in the past.

What rounds do you invest in?

We usually invest in the first or second institutional round of financing that a company raises, and typically before companies have reached a $100mm valuation. In practice, this means we usually invest in Seed and Series A financings.

How much do you typically invest?

Our typical first check is usually between $1 to 2mm, though we have made initial investments as small as $250k and as large as $6mm in the past. For follow-on rounds, we have capacity to invest as much as $20mm via opportunity vehicles with our limited partners.

Do you lead investments?

We can lead, co-lead, or participate as part of a syndicate.

Where do you invest?

Most of our investments are in the United States and Canada, but we can invest anywhere in the world for the right opportunity. 

How do you help your partner companies?

There are hundreds of leading clinicians, scientists, and industry executives in the MBX Atom Network. This enables us to match our companies to relevant domain experts who can provide them with specific, tactical advice throughout their journeys.

What is your AUM?

As of January 31st, 2022, we had assets under management of ~$75mm.

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